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Brand New Eyes is 5 years old today
It was released September 29 2009


Every best friends needs a handshake like that x


@hellosarahurie: Nerded out last night at our beautiful sister’s wedding ❤️



So I made a sign that said “Brother Tyler, may you braid my hair, please?” and when Tyler came out with his floral shirt and ukele he was trying to talk seriously but then he saw my sign and just started dying laughing. I say this so the convo I had with them makes sense:

Me: Tyler, you didn’t braid my hair…
Tyler: **hugs me** I know I’m sorry, but did you see me laugh?!
Me: **hugging Josh** Yeah, I felt very proud of myself! Oh, by the way, can we take a spice girls picture?
Tyler & Josh: YEAH!!!
**Mike takes the picture**
Me: Thank you!
Tyler: **reaches out to touch my arm** THAT WAS THE BEST PHOTO POSE YET!

/this is me, I met top tonight

I do remember saying to him [Tyler] that one day, I hope we’re more famous for our friendship than our music.

Josh Dun, Alternative Press #316  (via vampiregaskarth)


embroidery game strong |-/


I better get that facetime call.


Twenty One Pilots (twentyonepilots)

September 18th, 2014

House of Blues Orlando, Florida.

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